Dressrosa Arc | The Conflict Of Justice Between Pirates, Marines, World Government And Civilians

Doflamingo (left) with Fujitora (right) at the Royal Palace in Dressrosa.
Credits: Toei Animation/One Piece.

A Peculiar Encounter Of Two Warlords And An Admiral At Green Bit

The Straw Hat Pirates and Heart Pirates alliance make their first stop in the New World at Dressrosa. What’s to be a simple exchange starts one of the biggest confrontations in One Piece. Trafalgar Law takes Caesar to Doflamingo following the latter’s ‘resignation’ as a warlord.


One Piece | The Collision Of Justice At The Paramount War

The Great War At Marineford Arc

Prelude: Luffy, Blackbeard And Hannyabal At Impel Down

Hannyabal confronts Luffy and the rest of the escapees.
Credits: Toei Animation/One Piece.

In the One Piece world, pirates roam the seas freely without taking orders from authority. This leads to pirates clashing with marines who deem their acts crude and evil. In a bid to save his brother Portgas D. Ace from execution, Luffy and his allies escape from Impel Down. They end up meeting Hannyabal, Impel Down’s Vice Warden, in their way.


One Piece Ohara Incident | Peace, Order And Justice op.4

World Government, Pirates And Ohara’s Quest For Answers

The Enies Lobby arc brings the Straw Hat Pirates into a confrontation with CP9. In a bid to save Nico Robin, they encounter one of the emissaries of Dark Justice, Rob Lucci. Of note are the parties involved bearing their burdens in fulfilling their goals. They include pirates, marines and the World Government. A flashback scene gives a background of Nico Robin’s past and the tragedy that befell Ohara.


One Piece Anime | Peace, Order and Justice op. 3

Enter The White Hunter | Smoker Of The Marines

One whose never afraid to speak his mind, Smoker—a Vice-Admiral with the Navy—is at the forefront when it comes ensuring peace prevails in the world. Plus, he goes out of his way in making sure he does what he deems right when confronting outlaws. So, it is no wonder he raises a fuss whenever he’s given orders that seem out of place. Or when he notices peculiar events happening around him. Sharing his ideas is his deputy officer Tashigi, a strong-willed woman whose resolve is as strong as her Captain. Since Smoker’s first appearance in the One Piece anime, she has always been present around him, aiming to become strong while at the same time bringing criminals to book.


The Conundrum That Is Peace, Order And Justice – op. 2

A desolate scene. A girl crying as war proceeds on. Chaos erupted following the ‘resignation’ of Donquixote Doflamingo from The Seven Warlords of the Sea.

World Order In One Piece

In a bid to maintain world peace and order, the following great powers come into play.

1. World Government

The World Government (Sekai Seifu) is the organisation at the helm of the One Piece world. It was formed 800 years ago after the events of the Void Century by 20 Kingdoms that came together at the time. A peculiar symbol of the World Government is the 20 weapons that surround the Empty Throne. The combination of the weapons and the superstitious Empty Throne symbolise a pledge. A pledge that every country is equal to each other, and no one desires a dictatorship. But where is the Empty Throne situated?


The Conundrum That Is Peace, Order and Justice – op. 1

Should Peace and Order Supersede Justice?

“Peace is not the absence of war. True peace depends upon creating the opportunity that makes life worth living. And to do that, we must confront the common enemies of human beings………poverty, ignorance and disease.” – Barrack Obama.

Must justice be sacrificed to obtain peace and order?

Peace, order and justice: common terms among the ordinary folk and elite yet so elusive to achieve. But what do they mean? Various cultures, societies and civilisations have a different understanding of the aforementioned terms.
Peace may be taken as a state of tranquillity either in an internal state (of mind or of countries) or external relations (R. J. Rummel, 1981). Rules, norms and institutions that govern relations between two or more entities can be said to constitute an order. And what about justice? It is a form of moral attitude that encompasses what is impartial, fair and right. To further reinforce its significance, the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 16 aims for: peace and inclusive societies, access to justice for all and effective, accountable and inclusive systems.


Japanese Anime & Manga, Literature At Its Best

Literature or any piece of literal work is greatly inspired by not only events that took place in the distant past but also contemporary matters in our society. Ranging from cultural folklore, set-plays, short stories to novels each piece of literal work has its own unique way of conveying a message. This may vary from religion, governance to socio-economic issues, bonds between friends and freedom.

Anime and manga which are native to Japan have managed to combine the various styles of literature such as symbolism, foreshadowing, imagery, metaphor, tone and narration to produce a piece of art like no other. Add to it the remarkable artwork by the manga artists and you just end up being immersed in it. Some of the popular anime and manga that have managed to get critical acclamation include but not limited to: One Piece by Eiichiro Oda, Bleach by Tite Kubo, Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden by Masashi Kishimoto, Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood by Hiromu Arakawa and Death Note by Tsugumi Ohiba and Takeshi Obata.